Pratik Jog

#6 Brother Prometheus

Pratik Jog

Pratik Jog

#6 Brother Prometheus

1) Why did you rush Delta Epsilon Psi?

I rushed Delta Epsilon Psi because I really admired the brotherhood I witnessed from my older brother and his friends who were all in DEPsi, additionally it seemed like a great way to get involved with the community, and improve myself as a human being.

2) In one word, What characteristic do you feel best defines you?


3) How did joining Delta Epsilon Psi impact your life?

Joining Delta Epsilon Psi taught me to go beyond my limits, and has taught me to continue improving myself as a person, physically and mentally.

4) What’s your favorite part about being a Delta?

My favorite part about being a Delta is the vast amount of brothers there are to support each other, the day I crossed I received calls and messages congratulating me from all the brothers I knew, and from brothers I had never met before.

5) What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

To ensure that I continue to develop as a leader I must continue going above and beyond in everything I do, whether it be community work, school work, or work within the fraternity, I must always strive to go beyond my limits, and continue to be a leader.

6) How do you plan on giving back to the fraternity once you graduate?

Once I graduate I hope to continue to be involved with DEPsi, I plan to donate, spread awareness and support the fraternity with all future events.

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