Arjav Desai

#9 Arjav Desai – Brother $tark

Arjav Desai

Arjav Desai

#9 Brother $tark

1) Why did you rush Delta Epsilon Psi?

I wanted to be a part of the brotherhood as well as help the Denton community

2) In one word, What characteristic do you feel best defines you?


3) How did joining Delta Epsilon Psi impact your life?

It has made me into a better person and greatly impacted my work ethic.

4) What’s your favorite part about being a Delta?

Roll call

5) What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

I continually challenge myself every day and work on my weaknesses.

6) How do you plan on giving back to the fraternity once you graduate?

By giving my time and energy back to the fraternity like so many other brothers have done for me.

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