About Alpha Lambda Colony


“We don’t turn boys into men, we turn men into leaders.”

In Austin, TX in 1998 our fraternity was born under the guidance of our three pillars: brotherhood, discipline, and commitment. Everything that our fraternity stands for was built upon these pillars alone. On October 17th 2014, Alpha Lambda Colony was founded at the University of North Texas. Our members are striving to show their commitment to the well-being of the community. Our goals are structured both for the growth of the Fraternity and the individual. Our extensive social involvement and campus leadership allows us to stay on top of campus wide events. We aim to provide a basic network for members to succeed academically and to unite members closely to the community, transcending religious and regional barriers within our community, and creating an awareness of South Asian needs and problems to the community.

Delta Epsilon Psi was not created to separate a group from the whole, but rather to instill the ideas of a whole into a body of unified men.

Today, the we have grown to boast a prestigious community service portfolio, while remaining socially dominant throughout campus. Along with ongoing service throughout the year, Alpha Lambda Colony also hosts signature service events. The proceeds of these events go towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which is our primary philanthropic charity. Through these service events along with our three pillars we strive to establish excellence in every aspect of our lives.

We, the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi, take great pride in the diverse cultures incorporated within our fraternity. We foster the proliferation of South Asian philosophy and culture to transcend religious and regional barriers. As well as simultaneously promoting South Asian awareness. Although Delta Epsilon Psi is considered a ‘South Asian’ focused fraternity, we welcome all cultures and ethnicities into our fraternity.

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